The success of a dental bridge depends on the health of the adjacent teeth and gums. To care for your bridge, as well as the teeth and gums that support it, brush and floss thoroughly every time you eat.

At first, it may be challenging to keep your bridge and the adjacent gums and teeth plaque-free, but superfloss and floss threaders can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your homecare routine. Superfloss is a special kind of dental floss that comes in pre-cut segments. Each end of the segment is thin and stiff, which allows you to thread it through tight areas. The midsection of the segment is fuzzy, so it removes plaque very well. Just insert the superfloss under your bridge, and floss like you would normally.

A floss threader has one thin, stiff end and a loop through which you can thread dental floss. It helps you insert floss into tight spots between your teeth and bridge. Thread the floss through the loop of the threader, and then insert the stiff end between your teeth or under your bridge. Pull until the floss is between your teeth or under your bridge, remove the floss threader from your mouth, and then use the dental floss as you normally would.

Depending on the situation, we may recommend additional tools and techniques to help keep all the areas around your bridge plaque-free. At first, it may seem a little awkward to clean under your new bridge, but it will soon become a normal part of your daily routine.