Infective endocarditis is a disease that can damage the valves and tissues of the heart. When bacteria enter the bloodstream and pass through the heart, they can cause infective endocarditis in patients with certain heart conditions.

Your mouth contains a variety of bacteria. Many common dental procedures, such as routine teeth cleaning, can cause minor bleeding that may allow these bacteria to enter your blood.

For most patients these bacteria are harmless, but we need to take special precautions if you have a medical history that includes a heart birth defect, prolapsed valve, rheumatic fever, endocarditis, heart surgery, or other related problems. In patients with these kinds of conditions, a specific kind of bacteria can become lodged in the heart and cause serious problems. To eliminate the bacteria before they have a chance to cause an infection, we prescribe a single dose of antibiotics for you to take before treatment.

If you have any drug allergies, or if you have questions or concerns about our procedures, please let us know. Our goal is to protect you and keep your teeth, and heart, healthy.