Superfloss is a special kind of dental floss that comes in pre-cut segments. Each end of the segment is thin and stiff, which allows you to thread it through tight areas. The mid-section of the segment is fuzzy, so it removes plaque very well. Just insert the superfloss under your orthodontic wires or your bridge, and floss each area like you would normally.

A floss threader helps you insert floss into tight spots between your teeth. Thread the floss through the loop of the threader, and then insert the stiff end between your teeth. Pull until the floss is between your teeth, remove the floss threader from your mouth, and then use the dental floss as you normally would.

When you have any kind of restoration or dental fixture -- including braces and bridges -- you need to be especially vigilant about removing plaque. Bridges and braces can trap large amounts of plaque and food particles that are difficult to remove with regular dental floss and a toothbrush. Using superfloss and floss threaders can help you remove plaque from these tight or hard-to-reach places.