In the past, the process of making an inlay or onlay involved a series of appointments in our office, followed by the fabrication of the restoration in a dental laboratory. Today, we have a new technology called CAD-CAM that allows us to custom create tooth-colored restorations, crowns and veneers right here in our office. In a single appointment, we can prepare your tooth, create the restoration, and cement it in place!

The procedure First, we prepare the tooth. In the past, at this point we took impressions to create models of your teeth, and a dental laboratory would use those models to create your restoration. But with CADCAM, we use a special optical camera to record the exact dimensions of your prepared tooth, and enter these dimensions into the CAD-CAM computer.

After we carefully design the restoration, we select an appropriate material, matching the shade to your teeth. We place this material into a miniature milling machine, and in just a few minutes, it's carefully and meticulously shaped into a beautiful, custom restoration that fits your tooth precisely.

Finally, we try in the new restoration, add any necessary staining, and bond it in place. After we check your bite and make any necessary adjustments, you'll have a new CAD-CAM restoration, in just one appointment!