Mucoceles, or mucus retention cysts, are harmless mucus-filled lesions that are most common on the inner surface of the lower lip, but can also appear on the floor of the mouth and the inner lining (mucosa) of the cheek. They are believed to be caused by various forms of trauma, such as a sucking action that pinches the skin between the teeth, causing partial obstruction of a secretory duct. Mucoceles are not true cysts, although the term retention cysts has been used to describe these lesions.

Superficial mucoceles appear as translucent blue, raised, blister-like lesions up to a centimeter or more in diameter. When the lesions are deeper, they lose the bluish color, taking on the normal color of the mouth's lining. They may appear suddenly, enlarge, shrink back, then reappear periodically for an indefinite period of time if not surgically removed. Mucoceles can occur at any age, but they are most common in those 30 years of age and younger. They are generally not painful and don't produce any symptoms unless their size interferes with speech or swallowing.

* Mucoceles can be left to rupture on their own; however, if they do not drain thoroughly, they are likely to appear again.

office, or we can remove it surgically. NEVER attempt to open the cyst at home because infection and tissue damage can result.