Papillary hyperplasia is the existence of multiple small, merging pimple-like lesions within the mouth for an extended period of time. They usually vary in color from pink to red, and exist primarily on the roof of the mouth. The condition mostly affects long-term denture wearers, particularly if the denture does not fit properly, or if it is not removed to sleep. However, papillary hyperplasia does not develop in every person who has ill-fitting dentures, so there may be some other factors that increase the likelihood of developing this condition.

A widespread redness and swelling is often seen outlining the base of the denture. Poor oral hygiene with dentures also plays a role in the incidence of papillary hyperplasia. The condition very rarely occurs in those who don't wear dentures; when it does, the cause is as of yet unknown.

* Candidiasis, a fungal disease, often accompanies this condition; if this is the case, an anti-fungal medication will be prescribed.

* Your denture should be adjusted or remade to ensure a proper fit.

* If the lesions are large, we will recommend surgical stripping or cauterization before any denture corrections are made.

* We may also line your denture with a tissue conditioner to help your mouth return to its normal condition.