A crown (cap) is an excellent way to cover and protect a tooth that has fractured or been damaged by decay or injury. To place a crown, we first take an impression of your teeth, and use this impression to create precise working models of your mouth. On these models, your custom crown will be fabricated. However, sometimes, the damage to a tooth can be so extensive that there simply isn t enough support for a crown.

Stitches speed the healing process Previously, such extensive damage would mean that we would need to extract (remove) the tooth. But today, by performing a procedure called crown lengthening, we can build up the tooth structure so it can support a crown, and save the tooth.

First, we thoroughly numb the entire area so you will be comfortable throughout the procedure. We then make small incisions and gently pull back the gum tissue to expose the surface of the bone. We sculpt and reshape the area, and then carefully replace the gum tissue and place a few stitches to speed the healing process.

build-up material. The final step is placing a crown to cover and protect the tooth. The crown restores your damaged tooth to normal health, appearance and chewing function. Crown lengthening is a minor surgical procedure that is a predictable and effective way to save a tooth that might otherwise be lost.