To control minor bleeding after surgery, apply moderate pressure with gauze pads or a clean, moist tea bagwrapped in a gauze pad. If you usually wear removable appliances, such as dentures or partial dentures, we may advise you not to wearthem while the implant sites heal.

Take antibiotics or other medications only as directed. To reduce discomfort or swelling for several days after surgery, use ice packs. It's normal for your gums to be sore and swollen for several days.

Beginning 24 hours after surgery, rinse your mouth three times a day for two weeks with warm salt water. Use about 1 teaspoon of salt per glass of warm water. Swish very gently so you don't disturb the implant sites.

Rinse with warm salt water Avoid chewing until the numbness from the anesthetic has completely worn off. If we placed any temporary restorations, avoid chewing for at least one half-hour to allow the temporary cement to set.

Limit your diet to soft foods like yogurt, cottage cheese, soups, softcooked eggs, and ground meat for the first several months after surgery. Do not chew hard, crusty foods. Also avoid very hot or spicy foods until your gums are healed.

Call our office if you have persistent numbness, bleeding, or discomfort or if you have any other concerns.

Do not smoke or use any tobacco products until healing is complete. Using tobacco increases the risk that your body will reject the implants.

Brush and floss very gently. We may recommend that you clean implant sites carefully with gauze or a cotton swab. If we have recommended a mouth rinse, use it as directed.