A rubber dam is a small, stretchable sheet of rubber that we use to isolate the teeth we are working on and keep them dry. The rubber dam also keeps debris from falling to the back of your throat.

To use a rubber dam, we first put holes in it that match the teeth we are working on. We put one or more small metal clamps over those teeth, and then attach the rubber dam to the clamps. We stretch the rubber dam over a small frame that holds it tight and keeps it out of the way.

We punch holes to fit the dam Normally, your teeth are bathed in saliva, and this is usually very beneficial to them. However, when we are working on your teeth, it's better for you and for us if the area is kept dry. This enables us to prepare and restore your tooth with precision. Additionally, the state-of-the-art adhesives we use when we restore your teeth require a dry environment to bond properly, so a rubber dam helps us to produce the best possible result. The rubber dam also works to hold your mouth open and keep your tongue out of the way. And finally, the rubber dam prevents any debris from the procedure from falling to the back of your throat. When the procedure is complete, the rubber dam comes right off.