Calamine 8g

ZnO 8g

Glycerin 6ml

Rose(lime)water to  100ml

Used as soothing and antiseptic in sun burn & allergy


(2) Calamine with sulpher

Sulpher 2 g

Calamin Lotions to  100ml

Sulpher is levigated with small amount of glycerin then add Calamine lotions


(3) Calamine with Icthamol

Icthamol 2g

Calamine Lotion to 100ml

Used in ttt of cellulites

Also menthol 0.5 g can added to calamin lotion to be use as antiseptic


(4)Lead subacetate Lotions (conc solutions)

Pb-acetate 250g

Pb-oxide 175g

Dist.water to 1000 ml

Dissolve Pb-acetate in boiling H2O then cool then add Pb-oxide then set aside for 48hr with shaking then filter


(5) Boric acid Lotions

Boric acid 4g

Dist.H2o to 100ml

Used as skin antiseptic and 2% used as eye lotions


(6) Acne vulgaris lotion

calamine 2g

salicylic acid 1g

sulpher 1g

ZnO 2g

Resorcinol 2g

Tetracycline 250mg 2 cap

Glycerin Q.S

Alcohol 70 50ml


(7) Potassium Permenganate Lotions

1/10000 or 1/8000 or 1/5000

Pot. Permen 1 g

water to 5000 or 8000 or 10000 ML

Used in cleansing applications to wounds, ulcers, or abscesses and as wet dressings and as baths in eczematous conditions


(8) Eusol Lotions (chlorinated lime &boric acid lotions)

Chlorinated lime 1.25g

Boric acid 1.25g

Water to 100ml

Triturate chlorinated lime with a part of cold water smooth paste will produced.

Dissolve boric acid with boiling water, cool

Mix paste with cold boric acid solution with vigorous shaking and leave for

24 hr and filter clear solutions


N.B:. Used as antiseptic especially in diabetic foot.

. Must be freshly prepared.

. Not to be used after 2 weeks


(9) Alkaline eye lotions

NaCL 9 g

Borax 4 g

NaHCo3 20 g

Dist.H2O to   100 ml

Used as antiseptic



Aluminum chloride 20 gm

Alcohol to               100ml

used as an antiperspirant in the treatment of hyperhidrosis

It is applied to dry skin usually at bedtime and is washed off in the



(11) Menthol in calamine lotion

Calamine Lotion 100ml

Menthol 0.5g

Boric acid 3g

Used as antiseptic



Benzyl benzoate 33ml

Soft soap 33ml

Alcohol 70% to        100ml

Used for scabies



Salicylic acid 1g m

Tr. Cantheridis 10ml

Tr.capsicum 10ml

Tr.jaborandi 10ml

Liquid amm 10ml

Tr.I2 10ml

Glycerin 10ml



Pilocarpine nitrate 1.5gm

Tr.jaborandi 15ml

Tr.cantheridis 7.5ml

Quinine HcL 1.5gm

Resorcinol 1.5gm

Panthenol 16ml

Salicylic acid 1.5gm

Castor oil 10ml

Lavander oil 1ml

Alcohol to 100ml



Salicylic acid 4gm

Benzoic acid 6gm

Glycerin 10ml

Alcohol 70% to 100ml