Benzoin powder                100gm

Styrax balsam                40gm

Powder Balsam tolu          20gm

Powder aloes                   20gm

Alc. 90%      to             1000ml

Mix then let soln.some time then filter



Sugar               640gm

H2O     to          1000ml



KI                         3gm

Ephedrine HcL          300gm

Tr. Lobelia             10ml

Tr. Stramonium      10ml

Syrup of tolu         40ml

Water     to          300ml

Shake before use, used in bronchial asthma



MgSO4                              30gm

Compound Tr. Of rhubarb      12ml

Tr. Ginger                          6ml

H2O      to                         300ml

Used in GIT disturbance



Chloralhydrate              12gm

Orange syrup                                                                                                    20ml

H2O                  to      150ml

Used as hypnotic



Chloralhydrate                                 3.6gm

KBr                                          9gm

Liquid extract of liquorice              9ml

Glycerin                                         60ml

H2O              to                        300ml

Used as sedative & hypnotic



A- NaHCO3                          1.5gm

Syrup                                  8ml

H2O                 to                60ml

B-Citric acid                        1.7gm

Syrup                            8ml

H2O                to                60ml

Mix 5ml of mixture A & B immediately before use.

Used as antacid,antiemetic and digestant