Granulation tissue is the fleshy new growth that forms on the surface of a wound as it heals. This tissue is usually firm, or even hard, and has a red, velvety, 'beefy' appearance because of the large number of small blood vessels within it. It may be seen on the skin as well as the mucosa (the inner lining of the mouth). Granulation tissue can take nearly any shape or form. Its growth pattern is also unpredictable; it can increase in size, remain stable or regress. There is occasionally some pain or discomfort associated with granulation tissue, but it can also be present with no symptoms whatsoever, as it contains no nerves.

* Unless the granulation tissue is excessive, there is seldom any need for treatment.

* Since this tissue contains many small blood vessels, it can bleed very easily if irritated or injured; these injuries can then become infected.