Icthammol 10gm

Simple oint (Vaseline) 100gm



Salicylic acid 5gm

Vaseline 100gm

used as keratolytic



Benzoic acid 3gm

Salicylic acid 1.5gm

Lanolin 50gm

used as antifungal and keratolytic

(4) WHITE PPT. OINT (Ammoniated Mercury oint)

Ammoniated Hg (pd) 2.5gm

Vaseline 100gm



Boric acid 10gm

Vaseline 100gm

used as antiseptic



Sulphur 5gm

Liquid paraffin 5ml

Vaseline 100ml

Used for scabies and used in acne as antiseptic


(7) SCOTTS OINT (comp. mercury oint)

Strong mercury oint 40gm

Yellow bees wax (lano vaseline) 24gm

Arachis oli (olive oil) 24gm

Camphor 12gm

used as dressing for large wounds & antirheumatic

(strong mercury oint)

Hg 30gm

Oleated Mercury 1.5gm

Wool fat 43gm

White bees wax 7gm

White soft paraffin 18.5gm


Oleated mercury consists of

yellow mercuric oxide 20gm

liq.paraffin 5gm

oleic acid 75gm



Bithmuth subnitrate 5gm Zno

+ ammoniated Hg 5:5gm

Lano-vaseline 20:80gm


Salicylic acid 1gm

Bithmuth subgallate 5gm

H2O2                                            Q.S

Euserine or vaseline 50gm


H2O2 30ml

Euserine 30gm

Cold cream 30gm

( store in cool place)


Hydroquinone 4%

Dexamethasone 1%

Retenoic acid 0.05%

Vitamin c 5%


Eucerin consists of

Lanolin 60 g

Hard white wax 240

Vaslin 100 g

Liquide paraffin 600 ml


v Preparation for hyper pigmentation in the market

1- Uniton cream (E+ beta carotene + Benzylbenzoate and salicylate)

2- Uniton 4 Cream (Glycolic acid + hydroquinone derivative)

3- Glyco A (glycolic acid)

4- lively and Magic look cream

5- Eldoquine cream

6- Skinorine (Azelic acid)

7- Bejwel cream ( Liquirice + vit c +Titinium dioxide) . Anti oxidant and tyrosinase activity of melanocytes. Also has UVB blocking activity

8- Meloquine and quinol

9- Moon light ( Arbutine + Barcelly + liqurice + vitamin c + Titinium dioxide)

10- Derma white cream (Arbutine + liqurice + vitamin c + Kojic acid)


Salicylic acid 10gm

Benzoic acid 12gm

Corticosteroid oint 10gm

Lanolin 10gm


Salicylic acid 5gm

Glycerin starch 50gm


N.B glycerin starch preparation (10gm starch and 200mg benzoic acid

levigated with 20ml of H2O then add this mixture to 60 ml glycerin previously heated to 1400c)


Salicylic acid 2gm

cold cream 20gm

Urea                          10gm

Dexapanthen cream 70gm

N.B used for TTT of skin fissures


(10) Zinc oxide ointment and lotion

Zno 25 g

Olive oil 10 ml

Vaslin to 100 g


Zno 15 g

Olive oil to 100 ml


(11) Coal tar ointment

Zno 12.5 g

Calamine 12.5 g

Coal tar 12.5 g

Vaslin to 100 g


Dermovat 20 g

Coal tar 2 ml

Vaslin to                10 g